Mowing contact up for bids, contact Matt Bowen at 304-377-9332 for details.

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Hello All,


Range work continues.  

The rifle range is currently back open to 400 yards.  We continue to do work on the Cowboy range, liberty range, corral, and upper pistol range.  These ranges will be closed periodically so dirt can be relocated from the pistol range to the lower ranges for berm improvements.  Please make sure to give construction equipment the right of way.  Ranges closed will have a Range Closed sign posted.  Whenever construction equipment is on a range, that range is closed, even if the equipment is unoccupied!  


PCGC Executive Board

 There will be some ditch line and range work at the range starting today (2/27/19). Work will continue for the several weeks.  They will be starting on the ditch line from the paved road to the gate first. Please allow extra time to get to the range and be patient if they have the road blocked. Thanks, and have a great day. 

PCGC Executive Board.

Notices and Events

Notices and Events


Hello All,

We now have a new Check-In building across from bay one as you enter the range.  This building will have a sign-in sheet that all members, guests and spectators must sign when entering and exiting the range.  Signs will be placed in the coming weeks to help remind members of the new process.  Also this will be the new location of the waiver forms.  Our goal is to keep information posted such as range closures, reservations, rules, by-laws, safety glasses and ear plugs in the check-in building.

Thank you 

PCGC Executive Board.

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Putnam County Gun Club

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