Renewal letter

Membership renewal letter....


Hello All,

After a lot of discussion, the Executive Board has made the difficult decision not to have our annual picnic this year. We will have the range open on June 20th from 10:00-2:00 for any current member that would like to drop off their renewal application and payment.  We will also be conducting new member orientations that day for anyone that is interested in joining PCGC. 

Rules and Application Form

Included with this newsletter is a copy of this year’s application form. The Board adopted new range rules last August and I have met several members since that were not aware. Our applications have a copy of the current range rules on the back and by signing the application each member is agreeing to follow those rules. Please take the time to read and become familiar with our rules. For clarification, below is a quick list of the biggest changes and most overlooked rules.

· You may now shoot rifle caliber ammunition anywhere except the Cowboy and Liberty Ranges.

· Steel targets must be at least 100 yards away to shoot at them with rifle caliber ammunition or shotgun slugs and at least 7 yards away to use pistols and birdshot throughout the whole range. If you are caught shooting steel closer than the allowed distances, your membership will be suspended indefinitely. It is not safe to shoot steel any closer than these ranges and it damages our steel.

· You no longer have to wear your membership badge while at the range, but you need to have it with you and present it if asked.

· All parties must wear safety glasses if they are anywhere near a range that is currently in use. Spectators are just as likely to get lead splatter or debris in their eyes as a shooter.

· We now allow both concealed and open carry at the range, but pistols can only be removed from a holster on the firing line or in a designated safety area.

· Guns must be transported to and from the firing line in a case or holster. You cannot remove an uncased gun from your vehicle and carry it to the firing line.

Please read and make sure you understand all of our rules before signing and returning your application. If you have any questions, reach out to me or another board member and we help any way we can.


Range News

The last year has been exciting at the range. The Executive Board was able to work with the Putnam County Commission to extend our lease until the year 2100. The Commission also approved the return of some of our previously paid lease funds to go towards a couple of capital projects at the range. We were able to extend Pistol Bay 3 to 50 yards, raise the berm to a safe height, and doubled the parking area. Pistol Bay 3 is the range most often used for law enforcement training and this has already been a big improvement for them.

Secondly, we have started and completed phase 1 of having our own Clubhouse/Training facility. We have a little ways to go, but we are excited about the progress we have had so far. We hope to be able to provide on-site training in the future and have a place out of the elements to meet for big events. If you haven’t been to the range in a while, you should definitely plan a trip to see it.  Also, if you run into one of our County Commissioners make sure you let them know that we appreciate them. 

Thank you,

Michael Thompson 

(PCGC President)


To download a copy of the application or the 2020 Membership letter, click below

  April Covid-19 update


Putnam County Gun Club Members,

Effective immediately all scheduled matches and the Membership meeting for the month of April have been canceled. The Club’s Executive Board discussed the Covid-19 situation and along with recommendations laid out by both the Federal and State authorities, believe that this is a necessary step to combat the ongoing epidemic. We will continue to keep the club open to members and guests, however we must adhere to the social distancing recommendations issued by health professionals. Our ranges can accommodate small numbers at each range, the rule is always to maintain 6 feet of distance to all members and guests while on club property. It is extremely important that we always maintain this minimum distance. Adherence to this will help us insure we are able to keep the range open during this trying time. For added assurance we have placed several sanitizing stations throughout the club property, including at the check-in hut. During this time all club rules and regulations will remain in effect. This includes the need to sign-in and out, and keeping the gate locked. 

Please help us keep Putnam County Gun Club open for our members and guests! Follow social distancing guidelines, continue to wash and sanitize hands and report issues to a club officer as soon as possible. 

National Junior Olympic Program

Exciting news from Bill Shank.....

For those familiar with Putnam County Gun Club, you likely have come in contact with Bill and Wanda Shank.  They along with their many volunteers have ran the Smallbore program at PCGC for many years.  Their program has introduced competitive, safe shooting to the youth of our area.  This program has been the gateway for many of their members achieving scholarships at many noteworthy colleges and universities. 

This week Bill (Mr. Shank) has announced the following....


Attached is the Junior Olympics 2020 Men's Junior Rifle Qualifiers List.
   67 Smallbore and 171 Air Rifle shooters Nationwide invited.
   2 PCGC shooters were invited for Smallbore:
             Mitchell Nelson  score 577  Now Shooting at University of Kentucky.
             Bryce Ward  score 566  Now shooting at Morehead State University.
   5 PCGC shooters were invited for Air Rifle:
             Mitchell Nelson   score 581  Now shooting at University of Kentucky.
             Bryce Ward  score 574  Now shooting at Morehead State University.
             Zachary Jackson  score 579  In High School Still shooting at PCGC.
             Grant Kimberling  score 570  In High School Still shooting at PCGC.
             Owen Kimberling  score 562  In High School Still shooting at PCGC.
           Walking on air

 We would like to say THANKS to Bill, Wanda, and all the volunteers, families, and participants that make this program the success that it is!  Best of luck to all those  competing at the 2020 Junior Olympics!   

If you would like to find out more about the National Junior Olympic program, visit their web page at: 



The 2020 Disciple schedule is now available for download on our Member Information page.  Click the link below to download or view the schedule. 

Friends of NRA


February 29th, 2020  Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center.  Starts at 5PM

Come out and support the Friends of NRA!

There will be several firearms, ladies items, prints, and other high quality items to auction, raffle and give away.

Limited tickets available! Tickets must be purchased in advance.

To purchase tickets contact the following....

David Rossi............ 304-545-1413

Dave or Lorene ...304-776-1950

Bill or Wanda....... 304-539-2944

Roger or Grace... 304-757-7254

Gary or Percilla... 304-586-3116

**Click on NRA FLAG for additional details**

December dinner & Meeting


Merry Christmas!

Annual Christmas Dinner and Meeting

Everyone is invited to our annual Christmas Dinner.  The dinner will be held  at Golden Corral in Cross Lanes on Friday, December 6th, at  6:00pm.   There will be door prizes, good food, and fellowship! If you are planning on attending, please let Barbara Theierl know by e-mailing her at as soon as possible (no later than November 30th). Thank you, and hope to see you there!


2019 sass/wild bunch match!!

On October 19th and 20th, the Kanawha Valley Regulators hosted the SASS/WV State Wild Bunch Match.  For additional photos of the event, please visit our this link.  For additional info on the KVR, please visit their website.


2019 youth outdoor shooting day



I would like to remind everyone that this Saturday (September 21st) from 9 AM until 4 PM we will be having our 24th Annual “Youth Outdoor Shooting Day”. All ranges will be closed starting Friday (September 20th) for setup and will remain closed until the end of the event Saturday evening. Please be sure to bring your children, grandchildren, or anyone that you may know that has school aged children and has in interest in shooting and outdoor sporting events. There will be many activities such as 22 rifle, air rifle, shotgun, and muzzle-loader shooting. We will also have archery, casting, lifesaver ring toss and much more. This event never disappoints, and we would love to have you there. Below is the event flyer, please feel free to print and pass it along to your friends and family. Registration is onsite the day of the event. Admission is $6.00. Parking will be at Eleanor City Park; we will provide shuttles between the range and the parking lot throughout the day. A concession stand will be onsite to purchase food and drinks. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to David Thompson at 304-776-1950 or Bill Shank at 304-539-2944


Did You Know?

Last November Putnam County Gun Club applied for a grant from the NRA.  

Thanks to the NRA/Friends of NRA our club received $1500.00 grant along with an additional $1500.00 in safety and range equipment.  

The $1500.00 grant has already gone into improvements in berm work on several of the bays at our club.  It is extremely important that we maintain our berms in both height and thickness. The berms require constant upkeep and monitoring to maintain the safety of our facility.  

Along with the grant mentioned above, we were also awarded approximately $1500.00 in range equipment and safety items.  They include...

(6) Trauma Kits

(10) steel target stands

(12) Count of Shooting glasses

(600 pairs) of foam earplugs

NRA range safety officer vest

The above items were all requested to increase the safety of our club.  

All of the above items are only available to us thanks to those that support and make monetary donations to the NRA/Friends of NRA.  Without those that support them, they would not be able to help support clubs like ours!

Thank you!

Sincerely, PCGC Executive board


gene richmond scholarship


We have established a scholarship fund in honor of longtime member, past officer, match director and dear friend Gene Richmond. Gene has been active in our club for over 20 years, and the establishment of this scholarship is a small way to honor him after his unexpected passing last fall.  Click below for more info!

Friday 7/26 - saturday 7/27

Gene Richmond Memorial Match

This Saturday (7/27) all ranges except the rifle range will be closed.  Also Friday 7/26 many of the ranges will be closed for setup for Saturday's match.  This event is the inaugural event to recognize the passing of our longtime PCGC friend, Gene Richmond.  Gene was a a longtime member of our club, and served the club in many role, including President and Match Director.  Gene founded the USPSA discipline at PCGC and served as Match Director and Chairman since conception.  Gene passed away unexpectedly last fall and we wanted to honor him with this event.  The proceeds of this event will be used to establish a scholarship in his honor.  

Ranges will be being closed Friday (7/26) morning to start setup for the event.  By 2PM Friday the majority of the pistol ranges (includes Liberty, pistol range, pistol bays 1-2-3, and parts of the cowboy ranges) will be closed, however rifle range will remain open all day Friday and Saturday.  Club officers will be onsite both days if you have any questions or issues.




In effort to give our members a transition period we will not be changing over to the 2019-2020 combo until Monday July 8th.  The 2018-2019 combo will remain in operation until end of business on Sunday July 7th.

Any questions please contact us at 304-760-9753.

updated 6/30/19

**club picnic / 2019**

June 15

 Hello Everyone,
Saturday June 15th from 11-3 will be our club picnic. If you were a member last year and have already mailed your payment or would like to pay at the picnic, your new badge will be available to pick up there. If you would like to become a new member, we will be giving range orientations several times throughout the day. So you will be able to pay, receive your orientation, and get your temporary badge all on the same day.
We will be giving a t-shirt to the first 200 renewals or new memberships. There will also be tables to set-up for members to bring any guns and accessories they’d like to sell. And last but not least, there will be a Steel Challenge type competition set-up and everyone participating will be entered for a chance to win a cool prize. This is a fantastic event every year and I hope we have a great turnout. If you’ve ever thought of joining, please come out, meet us, and see our beautiful range.
Michael Thompson
PCGC President 


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