Range Maintenance - March 2020


PCGC Members and Guests, over the next few weeks you will see construction on Pistol Bay  2, 3 , 4 and the Liberty Range.  These ranges will be closed periodically over the next few weeks.  Please pay close attention to range signage indicating is the range is open for that day.  Ranges "OPEN/CLOSED" may change daily as work is being done.  If we have good weather we hope to have ranges reopened within two weeks.  Sorry for the inconvenience, progress is being made!

PCGC E-Board (posted 3/2/20) 

*** Range re-opened/waters have receded! 2/15/2020***

****Range back open!****

2/14/2020 PCGC members, the access to the rang is currently blocked due to high water at the Eleanor City Park.  We have no estimated time for when the water will recede, we will try and keep everyone updated both on this site and on our Facebook page.  Any questions please contact us.

Thanks you and sorry for the inconvenience. 


The City of Eleanor has informed us that they will be closing the gate to the park at 6 P.M. on Monday, October 28th.  Please make sure to exit the range before 6 P.M.  The gates will reopen Tuesday morning, October 29th.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience  

Rifle range


The Rifle Range will be closed until mid-afternoon today (08/21/19) while work on the new stairs is being completed.  The Rifle Range is expected to be back in-service by 4 pm.  You may use the pistol range for rifle shooting while this work is being completed.  If you have any questions please contact PCGC at 304-760-9753



The upper pistol range will be closed periodically for the coming weeks.  We are moving dirt from the backstop to add to the berms on the cowboy range, corral, and liberty range.  Please use caution while work is being done.  We will have signs posted (RANGE CLOSED) while work is being done.  If you ever see equipment on a range, even if it is unoccupied, DO NOT USE THAT RANGE.  Equipment may be parked there while the operator is transitioning between ranges.  

Thank you PCGC Executive Board.

Rifle Range Work

Members of PCGC,


The majority of the rifle range work has been completed and the range is back in "full" operation.  There is now a new 400 yard target backer and additional steel will be placed shortly.  Please remember it is the shooters responsibility to insure all rounds fired impact the target or backstop!  Only shoot at distances that you and your equipment are capable of safely and accurately making.

See picture below! 


PCGC Members, work is currently being done to break up the rock that is just forward of the 400 yard backstop.  This  rock has been preventing us from opening the 400 yard target and backstop.  Work was completed today on removing the rock and grading the area around and leading up to the 400 yard backstop.  We hope to have gravel placed on 3/14/19 and expect to have the range reopened sometime in the afternoon.  Please be aware that temporary closures may still need to be done while the target backer is re-built and targets are placed.

Please be patient, we are trying to get as much of the work completed before we enter into the shooting season.

(see pictures below)

Thank you !

PCGC Executive Board

Range Improvements

Members of PCGC,


Just a quick update. We had a small work party yesterday and got some things accomplished at the range.  We purchased and installed the new entrance signs and the signs for the Registration Hut. We purchased and installed the new trash cans throughout the range. We purchased and installed the new steps at the porta-johns.  And Matt (Executive officer) and Bowen Construction moved and spread several tons of gravel. If you see Matt tomorrow and he doesn’t wave, he might not be able to lift his arms. We also had several conversations with members who are liking the improvements to the range and website. All in all, everything went great and the improvements look nice. 

Thank you ,

PCGC Executive Board