Interested in becoming a member of the Putnam County Gun Club.  Review the information on this page.  If you would like to join, feel free to reach out to our training officer Gary Holstein to set up a visit and range orientation.  Gary can be reached via e-mail at PCGCTRO@GMAIL.COM


Welcome to P.C.G.C

What we offer!

So, you want to Join PCGC.  We assume that you must have heard about our club and what we have to offer?  You may have even visited in the past.  You probably know that we pride ourselves on running a safe and responsible club.  See below for a few of the amenities we offer to our members.....  

  1. 400 YARD RIFLE RANGE.  We have a 400 yard rifle range that has room for several shooters, with target backstops at 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards.
  2. SMALL BORE/PISTOL RANGE:  Dedicated covered area, approximately 100 feet of cover shooting area.  Allowing shooters to place targets at distances from a few feet to 100+yards.
  3. COWBOY TOWN:  We have a dedicated cowboy town set up to shoot SASS and cowboy matches. 
  4. PISTOL BAYS:  We have 4 dedicated pistol bays that allow for individuals to shoot privately or within small groups and set up stages and practice sessions of their choosing.
  5. LIBERTY RANGE:  The Liberty range is a small range set up with PCGC steel targets from varying distances for members to use. 
  6. SKEET: We have a dedicated Lincoln skeet thrower set up on the Small Bore range for members to use.

PCGC also holds regular weekly, monthly and yearly matches.  Additional information on these matches can be found on the links to the right.

We also hold special events that include a yearly picnic, Youth Day, annual Christmas dinner.  

Our club is an NRA affiliated, private membership organization, operated by an membership elected board of directors (executive board).  We have established bylaws that govern our rules and policies.  A copy of our current bylaws can be found on on our Downloads page.

Scroll down the  page to download our Application/Renewal form, and for assistance in filling out the application, download the Application/Renewal instructions

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of commonly asked questions and answers. 

If you have any questions about joining, drop us a line and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Regular matches

Interested in competing in the shooting sports?  Our clubs holds matches on a regular basis.  Below is a list of match disciplines that we currently have.

  • USPSA: USPSA is held monthly from early spring until late fall.  The matches involve the shooter moving and shooting both paper and steel targets while being timed.  Additional information on these matches can be found at  https://www.facebook.com/Putnam-County-USPSA-1624962121117097/ 
  • COWBOY/SASS:  Cowboy matches are held monthly from early spring to late fall.  These matches requires the shooter to engage steel targets with period specific firearms (Rifle, Pistol and shotgun).  Additional info can be found at  http://www.kanawhavalleyregulators.com/ 
  • NRA Precision Pistol:  follows the NRA Precision Pistol rules, using standardized paper targets at specific distances while timed.  For additional information contact Vernon    Reichenbecher  at  vreich2@aol.com  
  • NRA Rifle/High Power:  High power matches take place monthly and requires the shooter to engage paper targets at designated distances, usually from a standing, prone,  kneeling and prone.  For more information contact Bret Hart at  BretA.Hart@AIG.com  
  • YOUTH SMALL BORE/JUNIOR RIFLE TEAM:  This program is a NRA  program for junior shooters.  Shooters use rimfire and air-rifles to shoot standard NRA targets and standardized distances from standing, kneeling and prone positions.  For more information contact Bill Shank at  wshank1@suddenlink.net 

P.C.G.C club application

PCGC Application/renewal form

PCGC Application_Renwal form (pdf)


PCGC Application/Renewal instructions (pdf)


Frequently asked questions


What is cost of the membership?

Our yearly membership is $125.00.  Our membership season runs from July 1st to June 30th of each year.  We do not prorate our price per month, however we do offer a couple options if you want to join later in the season.  

  • Membership dues $125.00
  • New member fee: $25.00  (charged one time as long as your membership does not expire for greater than two years.
  • Membership 1/2 year: starting January 1st until June 30th.
  • Early Membership:  $150.00.  Starting April 1st you may renew  (if membership expired) or apply for membership  for the upcoming season.  New members will still be charged the $25.00 new member fee.

If your spouse is interested in coming to the range without the primary member, they can identify this on the application and check the spouse badge box.  They will be required to attend a range orientation and pay the $10.00 spouse badge fee.

Can I come to the range and shoot if I am not a member?

No.  We reserve our range for members and guests only.  If you are interested in joining the club and would like to schedule a visit, then visit "Contact US and drop us a line" and we will set up a time to  show you the range.

Are matches held at PCGC open to the public?

YES.  Club matches are open to the public, and will require a registration fee, and for non-members there is a non member fee.  It is always best to reach out to the match director for specific information about prices, times and registration fees.  Wavier forms are required  to be filled out by everyone on club property  (this includes spectators and participants). 

I am a member, can I bring a guest?

YES.  We welcome you to  bring guests, but  request that you encourage  repeat guests to join.  We also want you to limit the number of guest that you bring to only a few (a reasonable number that you can control and oversee).  You are responsible for your guest actions, and your guest must stay with you at all times.  Minors need to be within arms reach when shooting. 


If its been two years or less, and we have a orientation on file, you may renew your membership without being charged the new member fee, and being required to take the range orientation.  However, if it has been greater than two years since your last renewal, you will be required to pay the new member fee, and retake the range orientation.